Wee B Sunday School 1st Ever Youth Gospel Stage

Thee Youth Gospel Stage FAQ's/FAX

Mission Statement:
The WEE B SUNDAY SCHOOL Inc., (wbss.org) was founded in June of 1995, with a missionary commitment of promoting positive self-assurance among youth role models who strive to be performing artists in the genre of Godly worship.

What Is Thee Youth Gospel Stage?
A forum for nature's spiritual expression in voice, instrument, dance, drama, comedy, couture etc.; each act (Ages 11-17) is allowed 3.5 minutes of performance time. Semi-finalists are selected from entries and given a chance to earn 1 of 12 finalist spots to perform on Thee Youth Gospel Stage before an audience of their peers.

WBSS fund-raising goal:
The support of volunteers, benefactors/donors and advertising partners will enable us to afford Thee Youth Gospel Stage event.

How will entries be judged?
Judging will be based on stage presence, creativity, and genre talent; 60%, 25%, and 15% respectively.

Eligible Entrants and parental or legal guardian consent:
Youth Gospel Stage is only open to talents who reside within the bordering counties of greater Atlanta, GA. Talents and legal parent/guardian must provide proof of eligibility before being offered a finalist spot.

Winning finalists & Consolation awards:
Finalists and semifinalists receive a WBSS Consolation award for appearing on Thee Youth Gospel Stage before their peer group audience; winners receive an All Access Pass with an International celebrity of the winning performers genre and/or Master Class Scholarship Funding.

Spread the word! Our promotion relies on the grass root support of volunteers and community folk using "word of mouth" and social media to Spread the word!

How do I enter?
To enter by US Postal mail, download the registration form, complete and send along with a recording of your act on DVD or Video to the mailing address shown on this website home page. Print your contact information directly onto the videotape or DVD.

To enter via the internet upload your video onto YouTube. Contact information may be submitted using this website online registration formatt. Please double check details of your You Tube video link publishing accuracy for viewing by others.

Registration deadline:
Entry registration will be open to prospective acts until there is no time to audition before the date of the finalist event "Youth Gospel Stage".

Audition criteria for each genre: The creative theme of all acts should be prerogative, inspiring and never derogatory. Dress for success is the theme for couture models, prom king & queen and/or homecoming court.

Will entry be contacted?
Entrants will be contacted promptly upon receipt of the registration package.

How will the winner be chosen?
The winner will be chosen by their peer group audience voice of opinion.